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the Great generational shift

The Workforce Is Changing, Are You Ready?

Older Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce in droves, taking with them their collective skill, knowledge, wisdom, institutional memory, and old-fashioned work ethic. Second-wave Millennials and post-Millennial Gen Z are flooding in, bringing a whole new attitude to work.  Meanwhile, older Millennials and Gen X are stuck in the middle, with the lion’s share of day-to-day supervisory responsibility.

Not only is this a great generational shift in the demographics of the workplace. It’s also an epic turning point in the norms and values around work. With a workforce more generationally diverse than at any other time in history, employers and managers are facing new challenges at every point on the age spectrum.

  • Do you know where each generation in your workplace is coming from and where they are going?

  • What kind of succession planning is your organization doing?

  • Are you developing talent at every level?

  • What kind of knowledge/wisdom-transfer are you prepared to do?

  • How are you attracting, selecting, and on-boarding the best young talent?

  • What are you doing to make sure that new hires are not thrust into a sink-or-swim workplace that will drive them away?

Bruce Tulgan addresses these questions and more, drawing on decades of workplace research, sharing true stories from real managers. With a blend of humor, insight, and concrete best-practices, Bruce helps audiences understand the generations in the workplace today – each at different life stages, with conflicting perspectives, expectations, and needs—so that you can turn age diversity into a strategic advantage.

Participants Will Learn:
  • How the generational numbers are expected to shift in the coming years
  • How the norms and values of the workforce will continue to change
  • What these changes mean for employers, managers, and employees
  • How to build cooperative and mutually supportive work relationships with those of other generations
  • How to assess and address the human capital management issues presented by generational diversity
Techniques and Best Practices for:
  • Appreciating the attitudes and behaviors of other generations
  • Making adjustments in your own attitude and behavior in order to communicate and work more effectively with other generations
  • Focusing on the common ground—the work you have in common
  • Evaluating the generational mix of your team and planning for the human capital management issues you may face:
    • Is there a talent drain among your aging workforce?

    • Could a flexible retention model solve your biggest staffing issues?

    • How can you establish a formal knowledge and wisdom transfer process in your organization?

    • Is there a gap in bench strength for senior management?

    • Is there a mid-level leadership gap?

    • What can you do to improve recruiting, selection, training, performance management, retention, and development for those of all generations?

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