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When the Workplace Is No Longer a Place

Suddenly, everything’s turned upside-down. Where we work, when we work, how we relate to our bosses, to our people—it’s all in flux.

The most successful organizations and managers will design their futures and lead the way. They will be highly intentional and strategic about this sea change occurring in the work of managing work. They will acknowledge and understand the impact of what’s being lost—that intangible but oh-so-critical human factor—in order to address it. They will see that what matters today is, first, how we do what kinds of work and, second, when we do it. Where we do it comes last.

Something valuable is lost when you and your colleagues work apart. Proximity does matter. Working remotely, you are missing a lot of unintentional soft data exchange; spontaneous interaction; and serendipitous value creation.

In this program, Bruce draws on decades of research and observation, to answer the most common and pressing questions about the new realities of working remotely:

  • What will organizations look like?
  • How will company culture be communicated and lived?
  • How will we handle the basic work of management—staffing, performance management, and development?
Participants Will Learn:
  • How remote work exacerbates the complications of interdependent, high-collaboration work
  • How remote work offers an opportunity for managers and organizations to take systems, practices, and competencies to a higher level
  • Why place and time matter less and less as the currency of work becomes what value you can add
  • Why even the most critical communication can be accomplished asynchronously
Techniques and Best Practices for:
  • Communicating with intention and cadence
  • Coordinating the logistics of work and communication, while keeping the focus on results
  • Hybrid-style management, where working and communicating together onsite is the exception, not the rule
  • Mastering the three key aspects of managing in the new remote reality of work: staffing strategies; performance management; and employee development
  • Translating the fundamentals of strong, highly-engaged management to remote work
  • Conducting strong virtual meetings with teams and one-on-one
  • How to impart intangibles such as culture and attitude through strong, highly-engaged management


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