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Most managers spend a lot of time communicating with their direct-reports, but their communication is too often lacking in structure and substance. As a result, problems hide below the surface, until they blow up, and then everyone has to jump into firefighting mode.  That’s why so many managers are stuck in a vicious cycle of undermanagement.

The solution: Highly-engaged management.

  • What is managing on autopilot and how can you avoid it?
  • What are the three most common questions managers ask their direct reports?
  • What are the questions YOU should be asking?
  • What is management by interruption and how can you stop the interruptions?
  • How can you put more structure and substance into your management communication?

In this program, Bruce Tulgan answers these questions and more, drawing on decades of workplace research and sharing true stories from real managers. With a blend of humor, insight, and concrete best practices, Bruce helps managers confront their own bad habits and teaches leaders a step-by-step approach back to the fundamentals of highly-engaged management that anyone can put into action.

Participants Will Learn to:
  • Build relationships of trust and confidence with direct reports
  • Effectively delegate tasks, responsibilities, and projects
  • Keep employees focused on what’s important and moving in the right direction
  • Increase productivity and quality for high-, mid-, and low-performing employees
  • Increase retention of superstar talent
  • Reduce waste, inefficiency, errors, downtime, and conflict
Techniques and Best Practices for:
  • Conducting regular one-on-ones with direct reports
  • Communicating clearly and effectively, with an emphasis on coaching-style dialogue
  • Tuning in to the particular strengths and weaknesses of every individual on the team
  • Working through or around obstacles in order to hold employees accountable
  • Making expectations clear
  • Monitoring, measuring, and documenting employee performance
  • Helping employees solve problems related to productivity, quality, and behavior
  • Dealing with persistent performance problems
  • Tying rewards to performance

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“After Bruce's session, many of our owners expressed to me that the information Bruce provided were some of the most impactful ideas they heard from any speaker on the subject of effective leadership. The best part was they felt they had concrete strategies they could use immediately when they returned to be more effective managers for their teams.”

Ken Lineberger, President, Waters Edge Wineries


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