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fight the undermanagement epidemic

How to Build a Culture of Strong Leadership

If your managers are like most, they are stuck in a vicious cycle of undermanagement… and it’s likely they don’t even realize it.

Undermanagement is hiding in plain sight in nearly every workplace. Despite all the meetings and metrics surrounding everybody at work these days, nine out of ten managers struggle to practice the fundamentals of leadership. They don’t provide employees with regular high-structure, high-substance guidance, direction, support, and coaching. As a result, unnecessary problems occur and problems get out of control. That’s why most managers spend so much time in firefighting mode. Then they are even more convinced that they don’t have enough time to practice the fundamentals.

  • What is undermanagement and how can you recognize it in your organization or team?
  • What are the costs of undermanagement?
  • Why is it getting so much harder to manage people today?
  • What are the most common myths that keep managers from taking a more highly-engaged approach?
  • How can you break the vicious cycle of undermanagement?

In this program, Bruce Tulgan answers these questions and more, drawing on decades of workplace research and sharing true stories from real managers. With a blend of humor, insight, and concrete best practices, Bruce teaches leaders how to fight the undermanagement epidemic and start building a culture of strong, highly-engaged leadership.

Participants Will Learn:
  • The eight costs of undermanagement that lead right to the bottom line
  • The seven myths that prevent most managers from being highly-engaged with direct reports
  • Exactly what employees need from managers in order to succeed
  • Exactly what managers need from senior executives in order to deliver what their employees need
  • Strategies, options and next steps
Techniques and Best Practices for:
  • Understanding and identifying the signs, symptoms, and effects of undermanagement in your organization
  • Identifying the specific challenges managers are facing in the real world today
  • Regular high-structure, high-substance, coaching-style management
  • The most effective ways to help managers learn, embrace, and adopt the best practices of highly-engaged management
  • Making a systematic commitment to proven best practices at every level


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