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fight overcommitment syndrome

Learn the Proven Best Practices for Saying "Yes" and "No" at Work

Everyone at work is collaborating with lots more people than ever before. New tasks, projects, responsibilities, and opportunities come at us every single day. The truth is, everyone wants to be able to depend on each other and deliver for each other. But nobody can do everything for everybody. Too often, people overpromise, underdeliver—and burnout. That’s when siege mentality sets in: as individuals begin to resist collaboration, teamwork stalls and productivity suffers. One person’s burnout can have HUGE effects!

Navigating collaborative relationships—and the many demands on our time—is not going away. Overcommitting ourselves is not a sustainable solution for us, our teams, or our organizations. What does work? Adopting a true service mindset. That means delivering on what you promise by only saying “yes” to the best asks and the right opportunities.

Now more than ever, it takes extra savvy and skill to manage yourself, your many working relationships, and all the competing demands on your time and talent. But it’s not just about when to say “no”, it’s about how to say “yes”—a service mindset.

In this program, Bruce draws on decades of research, sharing true stories from real people, in real workplaces, in the real world, blending humor, insight, and concrete best-practices to show participants how to fight overcommitment syndrome. Participants will walk away as better collaborators, better prepared to avoid burnout and deliver great results.

Participants Will Learn:
  • What overcommitment syndrome and siege mentality look like—the things most people identify as burnout
  • Why adopting a true service mindset is not about saying “yes” to everyone and everything at work
  • How carefully choosing “yes” and “no” can build you a better reputation in your organization
  • The importance of aligning—up, down, and sideways—to ensure you’re not the one who ends up overcommitted
Techniques and Best Practices for:
  • Adopting a service mindset that boosts your reputation at work, rather than damage it
  • When to say “no” and how to say “yes”
  • Executing one thing at a time, not juggling
  • Utilizing to-do lists and schedules to break work into doable chunks and find gaps for focused execution time
  • Maintaining alignment up, down, sideways and diagonal
  • Finding and building up Go-to People, when and where you need them


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