eBook - Talent Assessments


Tools to Help You Identify the Right People for the Right Roles, Teams, and Opportunities

Talent Assessments eBook_Cover

Harness the power of our proven talent assessment process with this eBook. Start by creating a 360° Profile of high-potential talent, and use our 5 competency models to further assess talent, either to inform a 360° Profile or as standalone assessments:
  1. Broad Transferable Skills Inventory
    To differentiate rising stars, lower in the organization.
  2. Missing Basics Model
    To identify those with strong soft skills.
  3. The 7 Things Indispensables Do Differently
    To identify the true go-to people at any level of the organization.
  4. Strong Manager Index
    To identify strong mid-level leaders for further development.
  5. Executive Leadership Competencies Model
    To identify those who would make great executive leaders.